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Discover the most beautiful destinations.

Come on board and prepare for an unforgettable adventure as we take you on a journey to explore the stunning crystal-clear waters surrounding the Dodecanese islands. Experience renowned destinations and venture into hidden spots that only the locals know about.

Get ready to dive into crystal clear waters, explore famous destinations and discover amazing spots only locals know about.

Private Rib Cruises to Arkoi - Patmos Bo


Arki Island

Arki is a small jewel of the Dodecanese in the Eastern Aegean, the largest of a cluster of islands. It consists of 30 uninhabited islands of white sandy beaches of unparalleled beauty, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Arkoi is offered for those who want a isolated vacation as one of its biggest advantages is the lack of mass tourism! This beautiful island is a the home to 40 inhabitants and Dodecanese taverns and cafes that offer delicious, local food. Tiganakia beach is essentially the only beach on the island, located in a small bay and part of it is sandy while the other is pebbly. It is ideal for swimming.

Private Rib Cruises to Arkoi Island - Pa


Lipsi Island

Lipsi is a complex of 30 islands, where -according to Greek Mythology, Goddess Calypso came from. It is the ideal destination for travelers looking for peace and calmness thanks to its natural landscape and hospitable inhabitants. It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters in the world, where you can experience a deep blue dream place. You will swim in beautiful, unspoiled beaches with crystal clear waters such as Katsadia and Platis Yialos and you will taste the wonderful local cuisine with the excellent traditional recipes with fine local products are used.

Private Rib Cruises to Aspronisia - Patm


Aspronisia Island

Aspronisia is a cluster of three islets on the east side of Lipsi. The enchanting location offers an exotic experience with high cliffs, beaches with white thick and smooth pebbles and stunning turquoise waters, where the bottom of the sea is clearly visible at all depths. There is a shallow passage between the two islets where you can walk from one to the other and color of the water creates the visual effect of boats floating on the sky.  High cliffs (slate rocks), beaches with white coarse and smooth pebbles, a shallow passage between the two islets and turquoise waters.

Private Rib Cruises to Tiganakia - Patmo


Tiganakia Beach

Tiganakia is probably the most beautiful and well known beach between the small island of Arki,  offering a blue lagoon effect. It became famous not so much because of the beach but because of its crystal clear and turquoise waters in the strait between the beach and its opposite islet called "Avaptistos",  where a beautiful tiny sandy beach is formed. The strait is very small shallow and you swim comfortably from one beach to another. Its shallow and transparent waters are ideal for endless swimming, picturesque diving and relaxing while floating in turquoise waters above the white sandy bottom of the sea.

Private Rib Cruises to Marathi Island -


Marathi Island

Marathi is a hilly island with a long sandy beach, where 3 of the most original family owned taverns are located, offering their delicious produce. It is a sanctuary for many people who want to be away from the lights of civilization and the noises of the big cities. It is an ideal destination for those who want to taste the beauty and peace of nature, swimming in beautiful waters, sunbathing in its sandy beach, all combined with good food in a very welcoming place. It has no roads, no shops, no cars or anything that can disturb the serenity of nature, except for the bells of the wild goats that graze freely on the island.



Makronisi Island

Makronisi is a complex of tiny uninhabited islands, one of the most impressive spots of Lipsi, famous for its underwater caves. Large caves and rocks that emerge from the sea are surrounded by lush clear waters offering a very beautiful spectacle. The sea bed is beautiful and offers a magnificent experience of free diving through underwater caves. Coming to the surface, we will find ourselves in a wonderful round natural pool, a blue lagoon, which is a stunning creation of nature. Makronisi is very famous among the fans or high diving, as it is an ideal spot for climbing and diving off its  peculiarly shaped rocks.



Platis Yialos Beach

If you are on the island of Lipsi, Platis Yialos beach is definitely worth visiting. It is located in the northwestern part of the island, at a distance of about 4 kilometers from the port. This is a beautiful beach with golden sand and shallow turquoise waters, therefore an ideal destination for families with young children. It has no organization, such sunbeds or shades, only a few tamarisks offering you their natural shade, as well as a tavern that operates at one end, if you want to drink or eat something. Ducks are the main feature of the beach, so do not be surprised if at some point you see them swimming next to you.

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